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Another Path

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Barbra Handly is a mother to a son that has a hearing loss.  When she got married, she decided that when she had children she would home school them.  When her son was two years old his hearing loss was discovered.  This did not cause her to change her plans to educate her son at home, but inspired her to create a helpful resource for parents to access online so that the wheel does not need to be created to assist in the success of other home schooled children with a hearing loss.

Another Path is a website designed especially for parents of children with a hearing loss who are educated at home.  Handly not only has the website packed with resources regarding the required components to homeschooling a child, but also the critical information related to deafness and education.  Handly also has the support from Hands and Voices, which is another resource for parents with a child that has a hearing loss.  The links to Another Path and Hands and Voices for further information can be accessed below.



Handly, B. (2000-2008). Homeschooling your deaf and hard of hearing child. Another Path. Retrieved on July 1, 2009 from http://www.deafhomeschool.com/

Published by Janna Dunagan on July 1, 2009

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