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Photo: LogoImage courtesy of International Committee of Sports for the Deaf
The Deaflympics occur the same as the Olympics - every two years alternating between the summer games and winter games; however, neither occurs during the same year as the Olympics. Athletes may not use hearing aids or cochlear implants during events. The participants must have a hearing loss of at least 55dB in the better ear. First, second, and third place winners receive a medal (gold, silver, bronze accordingly) as well as a diploma.  
The International Silent Games were held in Paris, France. The Silent Games were the first for any group of people with disabilities. Athletes from 9 different nations participated in the events.
After the first games, a committee met and established the International Committee of Silent Sports (ICSS); the name was later changed to The International Committee of Sports for the Deaf (ICSD).
Every four years, the summer games were held.
No games were held during these years due to World War II.
The first Winter games were held in Seefled, Austria. It brought in 34 athletes from 5 different countries.
The first games held outside a European nation occurred in Washington, D.C.
The name was changed to Deaflympics to better resemble the Olympics.
Compared to the first games, the Summer Deaflympics of 2005 brought in 2,117 athletes from 67 different nations!
The winter games were held in Salt Lake City, Utah which included 298 athletes from 23 different nations.
The 2009 summer games will be occurring in Taipei, China.
The 2011 winter games will be held in High Tatras, Slovakia.
http://www.deaflympics.com/ Retrieved June 15, 2008.
Lauren Strittmatter

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