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Harry Lang

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 Harry Lang is a deaf professor with 37 years' experience at the National Technical Instititue for the Deaf at Rochester Institiute of Technology. He is a graduate of the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and he earned a BS in Physics from Bethany College in West Virginia. He recieved his MS degree in Electrical Engineering from RIT and his Doctorate in Education for the University of Rochester. Today, Lang is the leader of a teacher preparation program for aspiring deaf educators at NTID. Lang has written many research articles on teaching science and mathematics to deaf students in postsecondary settings. He has also done an extensive amount of work on portraying Deaf individuals in the arts and sciences. Harry Lang was influenced greatly by Robert F. Panara. Panara, the first deaf professor at NTID, is the focus of many of Harry Lang's publications. Lang also was the senior advisor to a PBS documentary of "Through Deaf Eyes". This documentary featured an adult couple recieving cochlear implants.


Reference: Lang, H. & Meath-Lang, B. (1995). Deaf Persons in the Arts and Sciences. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.


~Jessica Manwaring

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