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Homeschooling in Florida

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Homeschooling in Florida


Every state has different laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to the homeschooling of children. In Florida there are specific things you need to be attentive to be able to begin homeschooling a child. This is a list of specific aspects that a person wanting to homeschool needs to know.


1. Florida has an attendance law that requires all students ages 6-16 need to adhere to.


2. Florida has three choices, or routs, a family can choose to home school. They are a non-campus based private school, a home education program, and or a private tutoring program.


3. Students that choose to go the private school option are considered private school students, not homeschooled students.


4. The biggest difference between the private school option and the home education program is the person who governs them, not how you teach your child. Non- campus private school students are governed by a private school, therefore follow the schools requirements. The home education program option is governed by the state, therefore the requirements and rules are controlled by the state.

5. Families who choose to start a home education program as per the statutes have several procedures to comply with. They must:

  • Send a Notice of Intent to the superintendent of schools for the district they live in;
  • Maintain a portfolio of records which includes a log made contemporaneously with instruction and samples of the student's work;
  • Provide for an annual evaluation, which must be filed with the school district;
  • Allow the superintendent (or his.her designee) to review their records with 15 days written notice;
  • Send a Notice of Termination when they stop homeschooling or move to another school district. (How To Home School, n.d., Homeschooling Through the School District/Super Attendant page, Para 3)

6. Whatever you decided between the non- campus based private school or home education program, joining a support group is a good idea, though not a requirement.



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Submitted by Whitney Bryant on July 3, 2009



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