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Language Planning- CAEBER

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Recent design in the field of deaf education has amassed a significant amount of effort and collaboration in establishing theoretical and research-driven practices for deaf students across the nation. Several select residential schools for the deaf have solicited support from the foundational philosophy of bicultural-bilingual education in ASL and English, such as the acclaimed program CAEBER (Center for ASL/English Bilingual Education and Research) located within Gallaudet University. CAEBER provides a research-driven emphasis on strategies that educators of the deaf at residential schools in particular, can implement to bridge the academic divide between students' literacy skills by framing the work under ASL and English sharings. The concept of this principle is expressed as such:

     "CAEBER's vision is to facilitate the strategic use of school-based language planning as a key element in the implementation and maintenance of      an ASL/English bilingual educational program for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. CAEBER continues to be a catalyst in deaf education by      collaborating with schools for the deaf and deaf education teacher preparation programs in order to promote bilingual instruction using ASL and      English for deaf and hard-of-hearing children" (as quoted from www.caeber.gallaudet.edu, 2009).

Additionally, CAEBER's mission is to provide research that is driven by statistics and data in order to offer up-to-date instructional strategies and related bilingual/bicultural support that applies to deaf students. The select schools that participate in CAEBER's program are afforded an opportunity to participate in democratic professional discussions that include mentors previously trained in CAEBER's goals, mission, and logistics. Administrative support for teachers of deaf students in schools for the deaf is crucial to implementing CAEBER-based teaching fundamentals and as such CAEBER attempts to select schools that show beneficialibility prospect. In doing so, deaf students reap the benefits and rewards that committed educators pass on through in-depth knowledge and training of bilingual/bicultural aims with ASL and English.




Posted by Grace Hamilton on August 18, 2009


Current Trends in Deaf Culture

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