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Residential Schools:  Pros and Cons

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Residential schools can provide the deaf student with a fantastic learning environment and immerse them in Deaf culture.  There are however, two sides to everything.



  • Designed for Deaf students
  • Peer interaction
  • Use of American Sign Language (ASL) by most students creates a uniform language to communicate with
  • Deaf children have Deaf role models
  • Exposed to Deaf culture



  • Children live away from home and from their families
  • Difficult for teachers, advisors, etc. to meet the needs emotional and physical needs of all students




Zapien, Cheryl (1998, July 15).  Options in Deaf Education - History, Methodologies, and Strategies for Surviving the System.  Retrieved July 1, 2009, from Listen Up Web.  Web site:  http://www.listen-up.org/edu/options1.htm


Kristen Mounts Thompson

July 1, 2009

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