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Self-Contained-Who Controls

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Who’s In Control?
        Control and accountability of Self-Contained classes is an issue for many parents of Deaf and hard of hearing kids. In District 75 a heated debate over a proposed change of leadership creates a storm of protest against the Department of Education (DOE). 
        In District 75 an agency called the Hearing Education Services (HES) is responsible for the educational curriculum and standards that effect approximately 23,000 students, including Deaf and hard of hearing students.   In January of 2008 “the DOE officially announced its proposal to put all self-contained classes within HES and Educational Vision Services (EVS) under the direct supervision of the school principal.” The problem with this is that while HES supervisors are licensed and experienced in the area of Deaf Studies and are familiar with the educational, social, and psychological needs of Deaf and hard of hearing students, principals are not. This change would not only impact what the student’s curriculum and standards must look like, it also makes the principal responsible for the rating, hiring and firing of the teachers that work in this area; something that he or she is not qualified or experience in the needs of the Deaf to do.
Article Summarized by Gene Plohocky
Cimino, Tonia N. (2008, February 6). Parents plan protest of DOE proposal. Retrieved June 22, 2008, from The Queens Courier Web site: http://www.queenscourier.com/articles/2008/02/06/news/top_stories/news07.txt


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